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Heroes of Photography or Heroic for short is a directory of cosplay photographers that recognize each other’s passion, help give recognition to the best and most creative work, and further the growth of the cosplay community as an art.

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We're not only photographers, those that strive to be unique put on many different hats. The best are Heroic.

Photographers % 75
Cosplayers % 60
Prop Builders % 35
Stylists % 80
Artists % 100

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Rian Synnth Cosplayer

Rian is a 25 year old LA based cosplayer with a passion for creativity and adventure. She has been attending conventions since 2005, and her fandoms range from comics to video games and quite literally everything in-between. She aspires to fully embody the characters she cosplays by combining her passion for costuming with her background in dance, modeling, martial arts, and color guard. Rian has had the opportunity of collaborating with names including Marvel, Lenovo, Movie Pilot, Kotobukiya, BBC America, AweME, Poprageous, Hyper X, The CW, LootCrate, and more.

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Mike Saffels Photography

I am a freelance photographer that owns a studio (Wonderland Studios) in Anaheim. I started maybe around 2012? And haven't stopped since. I love creating art and hope to inspire more people to find their passions.

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Dominique Zamora CineCosu Studios

Hi, I’m Dominique, one of partners that make up CineCosu Studios. I shoot wedding videography for monies, cosplay photography and videography for likes. LOL jk. But really, I do it for fun and to get the creative juices flowing. My inspirations include travel and good storytelling and movies (“cine” = “cinematic”). My favorite things are the ones that take me by surprise.

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Shila Vikstrom Photographer

My name is Shila and I’m a photographer from Stockholm, Sweden. As a child I always got carried away by the beauty of music, art and video games. I knew I wanted to create something beautiful like that too and my way turned out to be photography. In my photographic journey I always strive to recreate a mood, emotion and place. Throughout the years my photos have become heavily cinematic in it’s style and I constantly try to communicate raw emotion through my pictures. Cosplay turned out to be the perfect way for me to truly make the most out of my photographic aspirations and I hope to realise my dream of traveling around the world to shoot cosplay.

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James Rulison Photographer

I have been a photographer from about age of 10. The first time I saw my photo develop in a bath of emulsion and hung up to dry I was hooked. Work and family in recent years have handicapped my photography until about 3 years ago when at a comic book convention it was revitalized. Now that I have a steady stream of willing subjects my photography has taken off. Combination of creativity from the cosplayers and my own knowledge of practical effects have taken my photography to new heights.

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Momokun Content Creator

I would consider myself someone who got lucky in pursuing cosplay, and in the purist I monetized and marketed something I love to make a foundation for myself and others. I would consider myself a content creator of many sorts. Whether it be cosplaying, photography, modeling, marketing or just making funny videos online.

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Sarah Sugarman Cosplayer, Photographer

Hello! My name is Sarah, also known as Sorairo-Days and I'm based in Washington, DC! I started off as a cosplayer back in 2009, and started dabbling into the photography aspect in 2013. After not being totally happy with solely being a cosplayer, I started teaching myself how to use my first DSLR so I could branch out more within the cosplay community and haven't gone back ever since! I'm often found shooting while cosplaying because I hate myself, will do anything to get that golden hour glare in my photos and the Canon nifty-50 is my best friend.

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Alf Alive Photographer

My name is Alf, I'm both a cosplayer and also a photographer. I started cosplay in 2005, back then there's almost no such thing as 'cosplay photography' and we were only able to see cosplay photos in a ``con`` environment. But I always felt that cosplay deserves something more than just a con shoot. I am constantly inventing new and unique concepts from political to fantasy stories, from eastern culture to western culture, all ages and all races. My goal is to not just make a beautiful photograph but to create images that are also meaningful and thoughtful for both the viewer and myself.

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Stella Chuu Cosplayer

Stella Chuu is a cosplayer from New York and Los Angeles. She makes brilliantly detailed costumes, travels to conventions around the world, and works to promote geek culture. She loves to share the joy of DIY in costume construction. Most notable are her Devil Homura, Imp Mercy, and Master Yi cosplays. Her creative and quirky personality has led her to be featured on Kotaku, Nerdist, Mashable, Tech Insider and more. See more of her on Youtube, Patreon, Twitch, and Instagram!

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