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About Heroes of Photography

Heroes of Photography is a directory for the best cosplay photographers in the world. Our goal is to connect cosplayers to photographers everywhere who strive to reinvent the genre and pursue cosplay photography as an art form — in other words, who dare to be ‘Heroic.’

Our photographers use their skill, gusto, and creativity to create incredible images from various pop culture genres and photographic disciplines, from British sci-fi to Japanese anime, from fashion and boudoir portraiture to cinematic storytelling. Just browse our directory above or search by location to find the photographer best suited to your style and needs.

We also host a quarterly award showcase to give recognition to the best examples of our craft. Those selected images are dubbed “Heroic Captures,” and stand as some of the most striking and creative work our photographers have to offer. Hope you enjoy!

About Justin Element

Heroes of Photography was founded in mid-2017 by Justin Element. A career wedding photographer since 2009, Justin first entered the cosplay photography scene in 2016 as part of cosplay media duo CineCosu Studios. With a passion for precise compositions and over the top emotions, his work is all once beautiful, moody, and effervescent. He also has the geekiest grown up house, like, ever. You can follow him on Facebook and Instagram: FB: Justin Element Productions IG: @justinelement / @justinelementproductions