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Alex Ma Р0
Coldbluesky Photography
San Diego, CA

For me, I’m here for the cosplayers.

At first it was only snapping a quick picture and moving on to the next, simply documenting the different costumes by the fans. Later I found a few who were willing to shoot quick mini-photoshoots and we were able to produce portraits and more dramatic images of their outfits. As I started working with the cosplayers more, I got to know them better. I like to hear as they passionately explain their construction process, share their crafting cheats and shortcuts, and tell me about their pre-convention panic attacks. With the difficulties of tight convention schedules, last-minute costume breakdowns, uncooperative weather and uninspiring backdrops, making images that showcase the cosplayer’s talent and craftsmanship is an exciting challenge. Seeing them happy with the images we made inspires me to keep shooting. To me, that’s the satisfying reward of being a cosplay photographer.

featured image: cosplayers @meishamock