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Alive Alf Photography
Culver, CA

My name is Alf, I’m both a cosplayer and also a photographer. I started cosplay in 2005, back then there’s almost no such thing as ‘cosplay photography’ and we were only able to see cosplay photos in a “con” environment. But I always felt that cosplay deserves something more than just a con shoot. I discovered photography in 2009, specifically photographing cosplayers! That was when I realized that combining photography and cosplay is the best thing ever!

In 2014 I decided to quit my job as a Graphic Designer and pursue photography more seriously. That December I moved to Los Angeles to study Fine Art Photography and in 2016 I graduated from the New York Film Academy with a MFA degree. Everyday with every new job I learn and grow as a photographer, both technically and theoretically. I am constantly inventing new and unique concepts from political to fantasy stories, from eastern culture to western culture, all ages and all races. My goal is to not just make a beautiful photograph but to create images that are also meaningful and thoughtful for both the viewer and myself.

featured image: cosplayers @ke_er15