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Armando Cepeda – 0
Lynwood, CA

I started off photography as a fashion photographer specializing in shooting fashion blog outfits, e-commerce, and dark gothic fashion. I’ve always been an anime fan all my life. I’ve been attending Anime Expo since 2006. Only until recently, I’ve gotten into shooting cosplay photography. I definitely feel like I have a lot to learn. Having said that, entering this cosplay community has been one of the positive highlights of this year and I hope to continue meeting people and expanding my network. One of my most favorite things as a photographer is colors. I am obsessed with how colors correspond to each other. I like bright and pastel colors the most, but I also love to go dark from time to time. Feel free to contact me to shoot. I’m always open to trying new and different things.

featured image: cosplayers @jewsama