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Shila Vikström – 4

Shila Vikström – 4
Vikstroem Photography
Stockholm, Sweden

Hi! My name is Shila and I’m a photographer from Stockholm, Sweden.

My love for cosplay photography was born in 2010. By then I had been a part of the cosplay community as a cosplayer for some time and it made me very interested in the photography culture that revolved around cosplay.

What fascinated me with cosplay photography was how much potential it had and I found myself experimenting with my own photographic language in ways I never expected. Today my work is heavily cinematic in it’s style and storytelling is my main focus in delivering a shoot. Ambience, mood and setting is the core of my work, hence I love working with photo sets that really invites the viewer into the world of the character.

featured image: cosplayers @mimixum

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Lisa Gerecke – 2

Lisa Gerecke – 2
Nevi Cosplay & Photography

Hey everyone!

My name is Lisa and I am a photographer & cosplayer from Germany currently residing in Mainz.

Better known as Nevi in the community I started cosplaying in 2010 and took my first cosplay photos at a convention in 2012.

Since I’m a professional fashion photographer it wasn’t a surprise I wouldn’t solely be a cosplayer for long.

I’m a natural light lover, but experiment with flash as well. I still have to improve a lot and hope to find inspiration and an exchange of views on this website.

Please visit nevicosplay.com for an overview of my work.

featured image: cosplayers @giancostumes

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Neo Lynn – 1

Neo Lynn – 1
Neo Lynn Photography
Düsseldorf / NRW / Germany

I love to capture all kinds of cosplayers and I do studio and outside work. I am very inspired by american fashion photography and often favor a cool, desaturated look over bright poppy colors

featured image: cosplayers @smolchou

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Paulina Ahlm

Paulina Ahlm – 0
Polly Cosplay Photography
Stockholm, Sweden

Hey! I’m a 25 year old photographer from Stockholm, Sweden. I shoot auction objects by day and cosplayers by night – well, more like on weekends… I started doing cosplay photography out of curiosity during photography school, as I chose it as a graduation project. It really opened my eyes and I knew that this is what I wanted to do! I’ve always had a problem finding my “place” in the photography world and thanks to that project I felt like I had finally found it.

My ambition and vision with my cosplay photography is that I want the photos to look like it’s a still taken from the movie/tv show/book/video game/whatever that the character is portrayed from, and so far so good I’d say.

As of today I’m involved as the official photographer of the Swedish Cosplay Championships and the Nordic Cosplay Championshops – shooting my first “gig” at last year’s NCC held in Linköping, Sweden. My favorite thing so far is probably to meet the humble cosplayers and see their handiworks up close and get personal.

featured image: cosplayers @toriiko

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Azara Cox

Azara Cox – 0
Echo Photography
United Kingdom


I’m a cosplayer who ventured into cosplay photography around 2012/2013 (by then I had been a cosplayer for 3 years). I’m mostly self taught in both photography and photoshop but I’m always willing to learn new things. (In fact I’m still learning new things now)

I’m absolutely in love with the world of ‘cosplay photography’, I love the ambience and the story telling you can create from just one photo. I’m hoping to one day find my own style but at the moment I’m currently love doing what I can and experimenting with a range of things. ^^

featured image: cosplayers @oneverforevero

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Jorgen Lindalen

Jorgen Lindalen – 0
Cosplay Studio
Oslo, Oslo / Norway

Im a geek who fell in love with cosplay photography a few years ago. The possibilities in cosplay photography is endless and probably one of the most difficult fields in photography.

featured image: cosplayers @karinolava

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Dobrochna Nowacka

Dobrochna Nowacka – 0
Made by Dobrochna

Photographer since 2015.

Professional graphic designer.



featured image: cosplayers @miko.cosplay

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Robert Johannesson

Robert Johannesson
Robert Johannesson Photography
Göteborg, Sweden

Dear all,
I’m Robert and have been into cosplay photography since 2013. There are many photographers I follow and admire, and a goal (besides having fun with friends) is to strive towards Art. The kind of magic you see at art museums and galleries.

featured image: cosplayers @tokahcosplay

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Agnes Tihvan

Agnes Tihvan
Allion Photography
Stockholm, Sweden

I’m a multiartist based in Stockholm, Sweden who started with cosplay photography in 2017. Before that I had been cosplaying myself for several years and my photography had been oriented toward landscapes and nature macros. Combining the two hobbies has been one of the best decisions I’ve made! I love getting to try new techniques and capture different moods, though my background in nature has left me with a soft spot for natural backlight and trees.

featured image: cosplayers @darkesttears

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