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Hugo Madrigal Ramos

Hugo Madrigal Ramos – 0
Kreative Images
Corona, CA

Currently do photography as a hobby, I never really knew how much I would get into taking pictures until I edited my first photo. My plan is to provide and spread my work through social media and anyway possible. I am aiming towards being a really good photographer not only in the Cosplay community but anything else like fitness/portraits/and any other photo events. I love getting feedback of my work whether its good or bad I believe it only makes you better at what you do.

Other then taking pictures I love watching TV, collecting comics and collectibles and be a lowkey nerd you can say, Thanks for looking!

featured image: cosplayers @j0uzai

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Richard Arcel Lim – 0
Artesia, CA

Hello I’m Richard. I’m an amateur photographer who enjoys taking cosplay and fashion photos. I want to keep pushing myself to get better with the guidance from other photographers I admire. Let’s just have some fun and shoot!

featured image: cosplayers @lanpartee

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Alex Gilliland

Alex Gilliland – 0
Caperture Photography
San Diego, CA

Long time con goer that found a love for taking pictures of the cosplayers. Once I started attending specifically to take pictures I found myself meeting new people and making friends in a community that I loved to be part of. I have taken that hobby and tried to push it further, teaching myself new techniques and skills so that I can try and provide the best picture to showcase the hard work that all the cosplayers I run into put into their cosplays.

featured image: cosplayers @jobielee

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Richard Alfonso

Richard Alfonso – 0
Soju Beats Productions
Chula Vista, CA

I am a photographer and videographer for most major conventions. I specialize in making Cosplay Music Videos for conventions and at the same time conduct shoots around the convention and city. I personally am driven to meet lots of people and get the chance to work with people that work hard on their outfits; a lot of my theme is about having fun at conventions and making the most out of it. I also make personalized cosplay videos but that is usually upon request. Most of my work outside of conventions are related to weddings and private events. And even further outside of that I work as a nurse so I can keep this fun hobby going!

featured image: cosplayers @yukishirorurika

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Armando Cepeda – 0
Lynwood, CA

I started off photography as a fashion photographer specializing in shooting fashion blog outfits, e-commerce, and dark gothic fashion. I’ve always been an anime fan all my life. I’ve been attending Anime Expo since 2006. Only until recently, I’ve gotten into shooting cosplay photography. I definitely feel like I have a lot to learn. Having said that, entering this cosplay community has been one of the positive highlights of this year and I hope to continue meeting people and expanding my network. One of my most favorite things as a photographer is colors. I am obsessed with how colors correspond to each other. I like bright and pastel colors the most, but I also love to go dark from time to time. Feel free to contact me to shoot. I’m always open to trying new and different things.

featured image: cosplayers @jewsama

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PaperArtWork – 0
Monterey Park, CA

Creating stories through visuals. I create reality with people’s dream and vision to a story for those to enjoy.

Videography and photography has been my passion since July 2014. Stories and visions can come to life with simplicity. Story-telling and action became the driving force to create unique vision.

featured image: cosplayers @theraestew

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Serrina Dankbrows

Serrina Dankbrowz Lam – 0
Riverside, CA

Striving to get better and better! I hope to present multiple styles of photography and to always create stories, feelings, and ideas. I’ll grow to be the biggest and baddest chicken tender in the community of photographers.

featured image: cosplayers @narrzi

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Gerard Lin

Gerard Lin – 0
Los Angeles, CA

Hello, my name is Gerard, or you can call me Toast! I’m a Southern California based amateur photographer who still has much to learn. My work is currently either cosplay or casual fashion. I always push myself to improve and do what I can to learn from those I work with. I’ve met many great people along this journey and am always looking forward to the next adventure. Let’s work together and have fun while we’re at it!

featured image: cosplayers @yishachu

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Ari Le

Ari Le
Fremont, CA

A model-photographer hybrid!
I cosplayed for about 5 years before moving on to work as a print and art model in LA for 3 years. After moving back to the Bay Area, I took on photography as I was inspired by the photographers I worked with during my time in Southern California. I utilize my experience as a model to compose all my work as a photographer.

featured image: cosplayers @yunie.km


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Richard Perry Obligacion – 0
The Richard Perry
Buena Park, CA

I’m glad I found my passion through this hobby of mines. Every day as I edit photos, I strive to get better and better. I love to take photos that can take capture the feelings and moment. To be able to inspire others to create bridges to where they want to go in life and to be able to create how every much bridges it takes to keep on going. Most importantly change isn’t going to happen by itself, it starts within yourself. Whether it be small or big every step counts.

featured image: cosplayers @ely

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