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Jay – 0
Los Angeles, CA

I’m a complete novice to photography who picked up his first DSLR on June 11, 2016. I work mostly with natural light and make up for lack of knowledge with loud enthusiasm and hoping for the best. I’m utterly fascinated with learning more each time I step out into a convention or a photo shoot. I strive for each set to be slightly different from the last and for each photo to be a culmination of everything I learned up until that point. I want to learn to tell better stories through my photos and also hope that each shot conveys my own excitement and sense of fun.

I’m also a writer for Now Loading and Movie Pilot covering everything from games to cosplay.

featured image: cosplayer @Circosplay as Tali

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Chenbi Art

Chenbi – 0

I’m a photographer with a passion for capturing moments that brightens moods. A love for story telling and self-expression mean while you can expect silly photos to come in tow. I believe in the philosophy that the best photos come when everyone involved is having fun.

featured image: cosplayer @tokkitan

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Robert Johannesson

Robert Johannesson
Robert Johannesson Photography
Göteborg, Sweden

Dear all,
I’m Robert and have been into cosplay photography since 2013. There are many photographers I follow and admire, and a goal (besides having fun with friends) is to strive towards Art. The kind of magic you see at art museums and galleries.

featured image: cosplayers @tokahcosplay

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Kirby S

Kirby S
Warpstar Photo
New York, NY

Hi I’m Kirby, I’m a New York cosplayer and photographer. I started off cosplaying and attending conventions in 2008, after years of being in the cosplay community I realised I love bringing characters to life through photography as well. I started doing cosplay photography around 2015, I’m completely self taught in photography and editing, but luckily I drew a lot of fan art in the early 2000s so I know my way around photoshop ♥ I can’t pick between cosplaying and photography so you’ll often see me shooting while in costume! I love meeting new people and constantly improving my crafts. I attend conventions in the NYC area as well as all over the east coast.

featured image: cosplayers @aara.lee

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Garland Tennell
The Art of GT
Gardena, California

Hello. I am a photographer currently re in Los, Angeles. Photography is a passion of mine because of the collaborative nature of working with other artists to make something beautiful. I also enjoy capturing special moments for my clients. If you would like to hire me to photograph an event or special occasion for you, please feel free to contact me about my rates. I will work my hardest to make your wishes come true. If you are a passionate artist (makeup artist, hair stylist, model, cosplayer, painter, musician, et cetera) wishing to collaborate on a project, don’t hesitate to contact me. I am always looking to work with new people to create amazing images.

featured image: cosplayers @jinglebooboo

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Peterson Sim

Peterson Sim
Peterson Sim Photography
Los Angeles, California

Hello, its Peterson. I have been working as a photographer for 6 years shooting mostly fashion editorials. My photography is heavily inspired by Annie Leibovitz and Mario Testino. Shooting cosplay has allowed me to think outside the box and challenge myself to adapt to the different stories each cosplay tells.

featured image: cosplayers @danibuzzini

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Agnes Tihvan

Agnes Tihvan
Allion Photography
Stockholm, Sweden

I’m a multiartist based in Stockholm, Sweden who started with cosplay photography in 2017. Before that I had been cosplaying myself for several years and my photography had been oriented toward landscapes and nature macros. Combining the two hobbies has been one of the best decisions I’ve made! I love getting to try new techniques and capture different moods, though my background in nature has left me with a soft spot for natural backlight and trees.

featured image: cosplayers @darkesttears

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