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Eric Shao– 0
EShao Studio
Flushing, New York

Hello all ~ my name is Eric and I’m a Cosplay Photographer base in New York, New York. I’ve started doing Cosplay Photography since 2015. Though still studying Computer Art (3D and Visual Effects) at School of Visual Arts in NY, I was able to develop an eye for color and composition. Even though some photos maybe great within others perspective, I will always continue to find ways to improve myself.

When I officially started photography back in 2015 my reach and audience was mainly in America. Through time/experience my motivation and inspiration gain more knowledge, creativity, style, and concept increased. I was able to travel many times all around Asia to work with many high caliber cosplayers from each respective countries such as China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Japan, Singapore, and Korea. I’m currently still traveling yearly in search for more experience and development. From here I’ve already established a connection between two side of the world!

Harsh critiques are the best types of critiques to learn and improve only if it’s constructive and useful. Widen your scope to see beyond your limitations.

Travel and explore!

featured image: cosplayers @arisa_1010, @yinghai_sig