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Gil Riego, Jr – 0
Gil Riego Photography
Los Angeles, CA

Gil picked up his first camera at the age of 16 while photographing for his high school yearbook. Years later, after joining the Pierce College Roundup news publication he learned the ropes of the journalism world.

He started venturing off on his own adventures, looking for stories to shoot rather than waiting for an assignment. Loving the journalism program at Pierce, he gave five years of his life to the program where he filled in nearly every position, including photo editor and editor-in-chief for both their newspaper and magazine on separate occasions. Once he decided to end his tenure there and graduate with three associates degrees: in journalism, photojournalism and liberal arts, he moved on to bigger projects and endeavors.

Looking to improve his skills while waiting to join his next publication, he started a photo a day project to keep his eyes and senses aware on Jan. 1, 2010. It is a project that he still does to this day. During this project, he attended San Francisco State University and joined their journalism program. There he made a major impact, being instrumental in multimedia portion of the department’s publications, eventually handling the roles of media and photo editors. Before graduating in 2013, Gil freelanced for noted San Francisco publications, San Francisco Weekly and The Examiner. His work has been recognized by the Society of Professional Journalists with a “Mark of Excellence Award” in 2011 and “College photographer of the year” by the San Francisco Bay Area Press Photographers Association in 2012.

Since then he’s dived into the world of cosplay and portrait photography, having his work published on SF Weekly, TimeOut Magazine and Myspace.

He is currently a freelance photographer based in the Southern California area and lead photographer for Emo Nite LA.

featured image: cosplayers @Tatiana_DeKhtyar