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La Bruja De Justica

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La Bruja De Justica
New York, NY

My Stance

La Bruja De Justicia’s main goal is to push the boundaries with photojournalism and writing to empower a new way of thinking through controversial projects.

The time has come to begin the battle through creative means.

We live in a society that lacks truth and honor, in which people no longer know what to believe in anymore.

We will no longer be silent.

Cosplay & Culture Project

Imagine yourself walking down the streets of Manhattan in October and you see a Storm Trooper hailing a cab. A person might take a double take then continue about their day. That Storm trooper you just saw is a part of a massive underground culture called “Cosplay”. There are many definitions of Cosplay, but it simply means costume play. A person picks a character from a favorite genre such as a comic or television show. Then they take it to the next level and create their own artistic interpretation of the character.

Even though Cosplay has been around for a long time, the media only sees Cosplay at face value. The media describes cosplay as “girls in sexy costumes”, “marketing ploys”, and an opportunity to make a quick buck. People outside the community either view cosplay as a spectacle or they claim that they only leave their house once a year. Cosplay is art; it deserves to be taken seriously.

As an ongoing project, my main goal is to document this culture and to show that diversity, self-love and empowerment does exist. This culture is proof that people from all walks of life can coexist. Cosplay breaks boundaries. If you want to wear a hajib in your cosplay do it. Want to create a gender-bend? It’s welcome.

The reason why I am passionate about this project is because cosplayers are the unsung artists of my generation.

The work that goes into these costumes is amazing. They deserve to have their story told. Even though cosplay has broken many boundaries when it comes to faith, ethnicity and gender, there are still matters that need to be addressed.

The cosplay community is diverse, but the photographers are not. Female photographers in this industry are nonexistent. even more so within the NYC area. I am hoping this project will inspire people to explore this community and help make it better.

featured image: cosplayers @gogo_incognito