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Neil Bonabon – 2
New York, NY

Hey everyone! My name is Neil and I am a photographer from New York currently residing in New York City. I started messing around with photography in 2008 mainly as an automotive photographer, which I still do to this day. However, because of the show Initial D (and countless others), I don’t only love cars, but I love anime and otaku culture as well. This leads me to how I started doing cosplay photography…

Two of my great friends – Miyuki Lu and Joeshmoe Cosplay – after seeing some portraits that I took for others, asked me to do my first official cosplay shoot with them. The shoot turned out to be a success, which resulted in me shooting my first con ever the following year – Katsucon 2017. While I do love shooting at cons and meeting great people there, I still believe I prefer shooting on-location as I feel my creativity flows more freely.

I may be ‘new’ to the cosplay photography scene – but with the people I’ve met, and the fun that I’ve had – I feel as though I have been doing this for a long time.

featured image: cosplayers @Miyuki.Lu


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