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Shila Vikström – 4

Shila Vikström – 4
Vikstroem Photography
Stockholm, Sweden

Hi! My name is Shila and I’m a photographer from Stockholm, Sweden.

My love for cosplay photography was born in 2010. By then I had been a part of the cosplay community as a cosplayer for some time and it made me very interested in the photography culture that revolved around cosplay.

What fascinated me with cosplay photography was how much potential it had and I found myself experimenting with my own photographic language in ways I never expected. Today my work is heavily cinematic in it’s style and storytelling is my main focus in delivering a shoot. Ambience, mood and setting is the core of my work, hence I love working with photo sets that really invites the viewer into the world of the character.

featured image: cosplayers @mimixum

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