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Photo Submissions

Deadline for Heroic Captures Season 3 is July 31, 2018.

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Heroic Contest Submission:

Please submit up to 5 images to be considered for the Heroic Photographer award. All submissions must meet the following criteria:

  • Exported at 2400 pixels long edge, limit export size to 5mbs
  • File renamed to your name, dash, number 1-5. Ie: TedMosby-1 or MonkeyLuffy-3 (all submissions will be randomized and renamed for anonymity)
  • You must have legal rights for photo submission
  • Image must be portrayed in cosplay or cosplay inspired
  • Must have cosplayer name or instagram/facebook handle
  • Must be submitted online before deadline
  • No logos or text that identifies photographer in photograph (text associated with cosplay inspiration or creativity is ok)
  • Must have proper permission from cosplayer to submit to photo contest
  • Images that are deemed Heroic Captures will have a winners badge placed on it (This is not our watermark!) This is a badge to show you’ve won, please inform the cosplayers as well in your photos.

Only the first 5 images will be eligible for Heroic Capture. All submissions will remain anonymous from curators. If you win a Heroic award, we will put a heroic badge watermark on the photo and include in a gallery on facebook and may be included in the Heroic instagram page.

How to be Heroic:

Curators will anonymously rank their favorite images based on originality, technical skill, and overall appeal.

  • Originality: The level of creativity and innovation involved behind the planning and technique of making of the image
  • Technical Skill: Impeccable execution of photography related techniques including composition, lighting, and posing
  • Overall Appeal: The emotional connection between the viewer and the image

The top 10-20% of images with the highest ratings will deemed Heroic and the image with the top marks will be displayed as the Featured photo.

By submitting you grant Heroes of Photography the right to display and use photos including photo galleries both online and in print, but not to physically distribute unless given written consent. Heroes of Photography staff is also given full discretion pertaining to all matters regarding eligibility of submissions.



Profiles that do not meet specific requirements: renamed files and pixel length requirements will be omitted: Portrait or Landscape, 2400 pixels long edge, renamed to your first and last name on profile page, NO WATERMARKS.

**Heroes of Photography staff is also given full discretion pertaining to all matters regarding eligibility of submissions.
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Photo #5:

Once dropped, upload will automatically start. 2400 pixels long edge, limit to 5MB per photo