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Ying-Ting Chen – 0
Chicago, IL

Hello! I’m Ying (AKA Yingalicious) and I’m a cosplay photographer based out of Chicago, Illinois. I’ve always dabbled in photography as a side hobby and got my first chance to put my hobby to my interest in cosplay when I met a girl in 2012 that convinced me to go to my first convention with her to take photos of her cosplay and I’ve been hooked ever since! I’ve spent the past few years since slowly getting better at both cosplay and cosplay photography, attending conventions in cosplay and doing cosplay photography all over the country, and in 2016 I made the decision to focus on my work on behind the lens and have been making strides towards providing other cosplayers the kinds of photos that I know I would want. Thankfully I’ve had the support and patience of my fellow cosplayers to let me practice so that I can one day be able to work with cosplayers to create the kind of heroic content they’ve always wanted.

featured image: cosplayers @misslaylacakes, @thecodeboss