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Yuxiang Lai – 0
Bethesda, MD

Hi, I’m Yuxiang. I use a Canon Rebel T6 with a little plush bird hanging off of the left side of it, its name is Coco. I like photos, I like to see the best side of people, and I like bubbletea. I haven’t been taking photos for decades yet, but hopefully I will.

Here’s a monologue about how cosplay and photography are important to me:

My first convention was Baltimore Comic-Con, dressed as Bucky Barnes donning a tinfoil-covered foam arm and a red star that had to be taped on for it to even stay attached, I stepped out of my molted past and into the new freedom; and thus began my cosplay life.

Armed with nothing but a (meh) DSLR, the adrenaline rushed through me as my finger pressed the shutter release, immortalizing the moment that I’ve captured; and thus began my photography life.

Cosplay and photography have become a part of me, and they always will be.

(Is that too dramatic?)

featured image: cosplayers @lord_usagi